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Glenn Miller: A Missing WWII Musical Icon

Glenn Miller: A Missing WWII Musical Icon

Alton Glenn Miller.  An icon of WWII.  His music captured a generation and an era.  The number of movies and television shows about WWII are countless and many have used Glenn Miller's music to capture the atmosphere.

But did you know that Glenn Miller vanished without a trace?

"On December 15, 1944, Miller was to fly from the United Kingdom to Paris, France, to play for the soldiers there. His plane, a single-engined UC-64 Norseman, USAAF serial 44-70285, departed from RAF Twinwood Farm in Clapham, on the outskirts of Bedford and disappeared while flying over the English Channel" (Wikipedia, Glenn Miller).

WOW! The entire flight vanished over the English Channel.  It is a true shame because he was so revolutionary in the musical world.  He was an amazingly talented musician and his sound was so distinctive.  Even today, his music connects us with a tumultuous time in the history of our world.  He wanted his music to be a morale booster, a hope for those oppressed worldwide, and in direct opposition to the fascist oppression that was rampant throughout Europe, even stating on a radio program, "America means freedom and there's no expression of freedom quite so sincere as music" (Wikipedia, Glenn Miller). 

It's amazing that even today there is a lot of speculation and misreported information regarding his disappearance. PBS History Detectives did a great presentation and special investigation regarding the mysterious disappearance.  

PBS History Detectives Special Investigation: Glenn Miller

Great mysteries like the Glenn Miller disappearance, Vallisca Ax Murder case, the lost Roanoke Colony, and/or the disappearance of Amelia Earhart have always fascinated me. Now, I am off to listen to The Glenn Miller Orchestra and relish the music he created...

Wikipedia Link to Glenn Miller

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