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Beverly Loyd, Film Actress & Not Forgotten Great Aunt

Beverly Loyd

Great Auntie Beverly Loyd Yandle (nee Gross)

My Great-Aunt Beverly Lloyd (Loyd) Gross was born in Portland, Oregon in June of 1921.  She was born to Charles and Hattie Gross of Portland, Oregon and was the youngest of 3 children: her brothers were Richard, my uncle, and Virgil, my biological grandfather.  Although, I never met any of them in life, I feel especially connected to Beverly.  At the age of 12 she began to model and soon found herself in motion pictures such as Utah with Roy Rogers in 1945 and the Earl Caroll Vanities.  I love old movies and vintage short westerns featuring Dale Evans and Roy Rogers. I was thrilled to find out that my great Aunt was a part of early western movies. Beverly married Loyd Yandle in February of 1941 (although some say 1939) in Washington.  She was a successful motion picture actress and later model-school operator for many years. She died before I got an opportunity to meet her but in my own way, I think we are connected.  I watch her old movies and I think it may be my own way of honoring not just her but the entire Gross Family that has been missing from my life and the lives of my fathers side.  

Copy of the Obituary, detailing Beverly's life (Obituary Link):
Beverly Gross Yandle

A memorial service will be at 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 7, 2000, in Valley Community Presbyterian Church for Beverly Gross Yandle, who died Aug. 27 at age 79. Mrs. Yandle was born June 16, 1921, in Portland. Her maiden name was Gross. She attended Jefferson High School and graduated from Girls Polytechnic High School. A model from the age of 12, she was named Miss Oregon in 1941. Under the name Beverly Loyd, she was a film actress, appearing in "Utah," a Roy Rogers film of 1945, and the Ingrid Bergman film "Joan of Arc" in 1948. She retired from acting in 1957 and continued modeling and also had a modeling school for a few years. She moved to Hemet, Calif., in about 1980. In 1939, she married Loyd Yandle.

Survivors include her husband; daughter, Beverly Ferrari; son, Mark; four grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Interment is in Riverside National Cemetery in Los Angeles. Arrangements are by Miller-Jones Mortuary in Hemet.

October 5, 2000

Portland Oregonian

A copy of the Obituary from Lives Remebered: The Telegraph (Telegraph UK Obituaries):
Beverly Lloyd
Oct 21, aged 88. Dancer and B-movie actress under contract to Republic Pictures who appeared in a number of Hollywood films during the 1940s. These included the thriller Silent Partner (1944), in which she played the leading lady to Grant Withers; she was also the beautiful Wanda in the popular Roy Rogers Western Utah (1945) and Constance Grey in The Tiger Woman (1945). As a chorus girl, she was a regular on the early American television series Earl Carroll Vanities and danced on screen opposite John Wayne in The Fighting Seabees (1944). She retired after appearing in Joan of Arc (1948) to marry the Oscar-winning music director Lionel Newman.

Beverly Loyd in Polka Dots and Peggy Stewart on the Trumpet, 1945
Beverly appeared as an entertainer with Earl Caroll Vanities, starred in various motion pictures, and ran a modeling studio.  Some of her performances include (Movie Roster):

1948 Joan of Arc                         -as Court lady, Camp follower
1948 Here Comes Trouble         -as Penny Blake
1945 Earl Carroll Vanities           -as Cigarette Girl
1945 Utah                                   -as Wanda - Bob's girl friend
1945 The Tiger Woman             -as Constance Grey
1944 The Fighting Seabees       -as Chorine
1944 Silent Partner                    -as Mary Price
1944 Sing, Neighbor, Sing         -as Beverly
1943 Pistol Packin' Mama          -as Dancer

Here is not one BUT two terrific films that feature Beverly Loyd, they are also available on Amazon Prime for free (if you are a member). Kick back with some popcorn and enjoy some vintage treasures... They are only 1 hour give or take each.
Utah Movie, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Beverly Loyd, 1945, Republic Productions

Hal Roach Comedy, Here Comes Trouble, 1948

Extra Screen Shots From Utah, 1945:

Beverly Loyd Speaking with arms folded.

Beverly Loyd pointing, about to go on her Cowboy date!

Beverly Loyd in Polka Dots

Beverly Loyd doing a raised eyebrow smile in Utah, 1945

The following photos are all from the movie Here Comes Trouble, 1948:
Beverly Loyd in a beautiful floral dress.

Beverly Loyd in a flowing floral print dress

Beverly Loyd and William Tracy embrace

I make this face often. LOL

That's not going to work out for poor Dodo.

I loved this dress.  This movie was funny and a total vintage treat.

She had a beautiful smile.

I didn't know Beverly in this life but I am thankful that I get to watch her on screen.  It makes it feel like I know a tiny piece of her, even if just for a moment.  For the brief time she is on screen we are together and I feel privileged to be able to see her. 


Happy Halloween!

P.S. The following film features a young Beverly Loyd as one of the ensemble of ladies in the movie:

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